homepage of nook project
homepage of nook project

Nook is the result of my growing appreciation for architectural design and interiors, general musings about the spaces we live in, and the ongoing quest to create a calm and considered living space.

Renovating and refurnishing your home can be stressful process. Nook is here to remind you of your end goal, as well as keep notes on the elements required to meet that goal. It is a tool which allows signed in users to add their home renovation projects and inspiration/moodboard, and store details of fittings that will be required to realize their goal.

This was my final project for the Dev Academy bootcamp, where I was responsible for the whole project timeline from planning, design and development.

Tech used:

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Next steps

  • The next step for this project is to add the ability to filter elements/fittings by tags
  • Add auth using Auth0
  • Add a project timeline feature which allows users to set dates for project milestones